Ahsayane studio was founded in 2009 by Marcial Ahsayane and Miriam Liebana; product designers from Spain. They met in Barcelona whilst working as creative professionals and decided to begin their own `creative journey´ together.

 Marcial Ahsayane and Miriam Liebana

Shortly after founding Ahsayane Studio, Marcial and Miriam relocated to Brussels, and it was here they became a truly international design agency, with clients based in the Silicon Valley/ Australia/ Hong Kong/ Belgium/ UK and Spain. The diverse range of creative commissions they received provided the perfect opportunity to work in different fields such as lighting, furniture, packaging and product design.

In 2010, Ahsayane Studio added the use of ceramics to their repertoire, allowing them to expand their creative output. As a result, in 2012, they were featured at Interieur, Biennale of Kortrijk, as `one of the best participating objects´ in the Interieur Design Award, with the Dot Porcelain Table.

Dot table exhibited in Interieur 2012

Alongside the studio, in 2013, Marcial and Miriam founded a company called Milcincuenta, a creative laboratory environment where they can explore the creation of limited editions and numbered collections. The first collection they launched was a series of original jewellery made out of `Royal porcelain´.

In 2013, both Ahsayane Studio and Milcincuenta opened a new office together in London.


2013 Premio Lissone Design. Design for Food, Design to Feed, Italy. Jury selected project with Porcelain mesh.
2012 Interieur Design Awards. Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium. One of the best participating object exhibited in the furniture show with Dot Porcelain Table.
2011 What´s Bubbling. Kitchen tools Chicago Honorable mention winner with Roll & Mix.
2010 Design for all. Designboom & Seoul Design Foundation Honorable mention winner with Subway Layout Information.
2010 Honorable mention in ‘GANDIA BLASCO 5th Outdoor Furniture Contest’ with Pegasus.
2010 Hot Seats by world passenger Terminal. Finalist with Collection of Benches.
2009 RED DOT Award. Winner with Colored.
2009 Enlightened by Swarovsky. Finalist with Ring Collection.
2008 Crystal Vision by Swarovsky. Finalist with Open Me.
2007 Asics Design Competition. Second place with 4Beach.
2006 Next Generation PC – Microsoft – Public Choice Award with Be Free.


2013 Exhibition: Museo d’ arte contemporanea of Lissone, Italy. Sponsored by Lissone Design Awards with Porcelain mesh.
2013 Exhibition: Kiosk showroom in the Grote Markt of Kortrijk, Belgium. Sponsored by Interieur Design Awards with Dot Porcelain Table.
2013 Conference: Behance Portfolio Review in Brussels, Belgium. Invited speaker.
2013 Exhibition: Bozard Museum exhibition during the Design September festival in Brussels, Belgium. Sponsored by Interieur Design Awards with Dot Porcelain Table.
2012 Exhibition: Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium for the Interieur Design Awards with Dot Porcelain Table.
2011 Exhibition: Expo Academie des Beaux-Arts de Saint-Josse-ten-noode, Belgium with various ceramic pieces.
2010 Exhibition: Valencia Design Week, Spain in `Chiringato´ by Gandia Blasco with Pegasus.
2010 Exhibition: Design Fundation in Seoul, South Korea with Subway Layout Information

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